Ellen J
I went to various immigration projects to find out immigration, but I wasn't convinced that my close acquaintance was a reliable place. The immigration process that I started by telling me that I would only trust Jenny because I explained to me step by step and gave me confidence that I do not know anything about immigration ... Fast and accurate work process, anxiety disappeared, leaving only confidence ^^ Even now, those who came around the same time, I feel sorry for the hard work, and I think it was a very unfortunate thing for me to meet Jenny and Justin Sin. Even now, if you are worried about immigration, I recommend you go from the nest ^^ Jenny's and Justin Sin's always quick and accurate work and meticulous Q & A really make me grateful. If anyone is hesitant to immigrate, I highly recommend you go to Nest Immigration first !!! Fear will turn into conviction ^^
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Jongseob Shin
I received landing permission from Vancouver Airport on July 5th, after being granted permanent residency in Canada through Nest Immigration. At first I was thinking about immigration and my wife was looking for a number of immigration companies in Vancouver and was consulted but it was impossible or difficult. In the meantime, I went to the nest immigration and got counseling. Unlike other immigration companies, I listened to the current situation from the beginning to the end, and it was not impossible. I am preparing for immigration by preparing for the IELTS examination by counseling that I should score the score in English because there are items that do not receive the score because of age and company location. It takes a lot of time to prepare for immigration documents. In addition, the nest immigrant informed me that it took a lot of time. He prepared the documents along the way and checked the prepared documents to see if there were any problems. If you send your documents to Canada from Canada by e-mail, you have responded quickly, accurately and kindly, including not responding within a day. There is a question that some immigration corporations did not properly check the contents of documents on the internet, and there was a question that there was a problem. When you are preparing your documents, you will also be able to tell us in detail how and where to obtain each piece of individual documents. You will also be kind enough to let us know as soon as possible whether the documents have been submitted, Thank you. Most of the time, in immigration and fantasy, you simply say that if you wait, there will be an answer, but in the nest immigration you think that it is different from other places to take care of like your own work. Unlike many immigration corporations who think that you only have to pay the commission even if you do not disclose only money, you can say that it is another place where you are happy to be like yourself and to be comforted when you are late. I am so thankful for landing on July 5th and thanked me for having lunch on July 8th. If you are worried about immigration, please get a consultation from a nest immigrant. My nephew is now in the immigration process through the nest immigration. If you ask other nations to recommend nesting immigration, many immigration corporations will ask you to visit several places to get counseling. But if the acquaintance has a close relationship with me, I will tell them to go to the nest immigration, not to go anywhere else. If you are really worried about immigration, go to Nest Immigration. Chief Jenny, Justin, you've been in a lot of trouble. Thank you.
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He gave us honest and realistic answers from start to finish.

At first, I went to various migrant companies to get counseling, and other places said they wouldn't give me any information unless I paid first, but they gave me a lot of information even though it was free, and because of that, I was able to get permanent residency.

From the beginning, she was a real and kind counselor, so I had to trust her even more and proceed with her permanent residency with LMIA.

He didn't reveal the money, he was so kind and informative from start to finish, and I asked so many questions, and I never heard from him once, nor did he bother to answer his questions.

I highly recommend you to move to Canada first place!!
Thank you!
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Joshua Oh
I have received the final approval of the green card a few days ago and are waiting for the landing paper soon. It has been almost two years since I came to Korea with CanNest nesting immigrants. There was no one in Vancouver at the time, and when I did not know how to move, it was a great opportunity to get in touch with my nest migration. (As I listened to the people I met here in Vancouver, some of the migrant corporations gave misinformation to immigrants who were not familiar with immigration, gave them hope torture, and there were places where they only received a commission.)   The advantages of CanNest, which I experienced for nearly two years, are as follows.
1. Friendly reception (Thank you Jenny manager for your support.)
2. Fast & accurate information (Justin and Jenny's manager 5G class About the speed of reply and various questions Thank you for your detailed explanation.)
3. Trust (A consulting firm that acts as a person who feels impatient when conducting permanent residency. I've seen a lot of things I can not trust. But Kenneth I am confident that I am truly trustworthy. I am careful and prudent Because I am personality, I have a lot of boundaries when I first make a relationship. However, as the work progressed a few times, confidence was formed in Cannest No more doubt, let me know what I need to do I concentrated. As a result, we really get a green card in a short time. Has been. Thank you sincerely.) There are many other advantages, but it is not enough to express it in a word. It is natural to handle certain things, and I strongly recommend this place with warmth. Thank you.
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Yeseul Shin

If you really need to get a visa for Canada, you should know Cannest! Take care of your visa from the beginning to the end, and the price is really cheap compared to other migrants! I have been here for more than 10 years, and the lawyers have a lot of experience, so the problem is not a real problem. !
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I was able to get a working visa with Lmia quickly and safely in the midst of a visa situation with Cannest.

Honestly, visa matters are very important, but they are full of complicated and difficult parts.

I've been to a lot of counseling here and there, and I think it's one of the few honest and honest relocation works!
I hope many of you know the nest migration work that I always recommend to my friends and acquaintances.
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Everyone in Canada who thinks of permanent residency knows that this is more important than anything else, and I also had a lot of questions to find a reliable and responsible migration agency.
I was worried because I had heard a lot of good / bad stories about other relocation projects here and there from acquaintances. However, thanks to the clean and fast updates from the beginning and end of the permanent residence process, and the accurate and meticulous care of the permanent residence process, the permanent residence was well completed. I was more than just a guest, I was more than happy to take care of the latest information and decided to give a lot of good advice.
In spite of my many questions, I think it was a success, thanks to Justin, who gave me a good answer. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for the last one year, keeping tension. I'm already doing well now, but I hope that the word of mouth will go further with the same heart.
Permanent Residence and Visa related matters, I hope to be with such honest and responsible people ~~~!
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It is a place to look at various places and choose, but it is a place to judge and proceed more carefully than myself. Work Permit also worked well. Immigrant life is important to find a reliable person. I think there will be a lot of things to bother you in the future, but I'm sure you will be very helpful. Recommended ~
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Thanks to the nest immigration representatives and staff, I am a lmia visa person.

It took me about a month to get the approval letter from the first run. Of course, there are some people who call me kebakke, but I kept paying attention during the visa process and explained it in detail until I received the final work permit.
I was very nervous and anxious when I first went to the border to get a visa.

All the staff are friendly and have any questions, so when you send a text or an email, the answer will come quickly and accurately.

As for the purpose of permanent residency, I am also going to ask for permanent immigrant representatives. Nest immigration is recommended to those who are troubled by the immigration work now! It is.

Trust the nest immigrant! I hope you thrive.
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Jisoo Hyun
When I first met another immigration worker and immigrated, I had many difficulties. First, I did not get in touch with you. Lastly, I wanted to talk about my appointment, and I was busy. I refrained from making an appointment with me and eventually refused to immigrate. There is also a small immigration corporation, and I was confident that I was a professional immigration expert and another immigration specialist who was analyzing professionally. I was so tough and frustrated that I was going to return to Korea. At that time, I went to the nest through my acquaintance and asked me to do a case consultation. At the nest, I was able to analyze my case once more through a joint meeting with the attorney general and the chief, and informed me of the possibility of applying for immigration. I had already been in a lot of other immigration corporations, so I decided to go back once again, believing in the lawyer and the chief, Unlike the existing migration company, the nest is very well received and busy, so even if you do not receive the call right away, you have received the phone email at any time of the day or night. Also, I would like to update my progress on the situation immediately. Thank you for being so kind and accurate. I am glad that I received the residence permit when I applied for it again, and I got the approval because it was really solid and solid, although there were twists and turns due to the first reason for rejection. Thank you very much. I felt once again that life has changed because of the nest and the choice of the relocation is important. Of course, there may be differences for everybody, but I would like to recommend nest migration.
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