Saeseul Kim
[Translated by Google] From my LMIA extension to my green card, it's been a long journey of about three years with nest. I contacted nest through a friend's recommendation without knowing anything about it, and they have been so helpful over the years. I was busy working and didn't have time to look it up myself, so I only prepared the documents that nest asked for, and it all went through smoothly, and I finally applied for my green card today. Thank you to all the nest staff, including Ms. Shim, who always replied to my emails quickly!!!
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Emma Zhang
Absolutely Five stars. Professional help and prompt feedback, Very glad to have Justin with me on the journey of pr! Such a great and smooth experience!
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Recently completed our BC PNP process with Cannest. I highly recommend Cannest for their professionalism and detail to attention. Justin Shim will reply to your email promptly with care . Looking back, I strongly believe communicaiton between the company and applicant is very important. Everyone at Cannest made the communications process very easy and comfortable. Now our PR is complete and we look foward to a new beginning in Canada thanks to Justin Shim and the team at Cannest.
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Nara Yoon
[Translated by Google] I've been wanting to post a review since I got my ECOPR and finally got around to it!

I didn't know a lot of things about the documents while I was processing my permanent residency, and while I was waiting, I asked the judge if everything was going well, but he gave me a quick answer regardless of day/night, weekday/weekend, so I could trust and wait.

Also, the judge and the staff who looked at my documents were very attentive to every detail, so I think I was able to finish my case smoothly without any additional document requests. That's why my stream was completed twice as fast, even though the estimated timeline was 18 months. Also, thank you, Jenny, for always being so attentive to me even when I was happy to hear about my green card approval!

We sincerely wish you all the best in the future.
Thank you.
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Felicia Lee
Just wrapped up my immigration process with Mr. Shim at CanNest, and I've got to say, he's very professional. He's incredibly quick with responses, always easy to talk to and friendly. Makes you wonder if he ever takes time off! He seemed very knowledgible when it comes to the ins and outs of immigration, especially those little Korea-specific details. Plus, I was always kept in the loop with regular updates. I got my PR within a year of applying, with the peace of mind that I am in good hands. Highly recommend CanNest for anyone needing immigration assistance.
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Jason Yoon
[Translated by Google] I finally got my green card approved after two and a half years with the help of Nest Immigration Consulting and attorney Justin Shim, who was introduced to me by an acquaintance. The beginning was unstable due to various factors, but I think I was able to get to this point due to his accurate and quick response. Whenever I sent him an email with questions or concerns, he always responded quickly, even on weekdays and weekends, so I was able to wait for two and a half years with peace of mind. Thank you very much and I wish you continued success. You've done a great job.
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imtiaj sharear
My relationship with cannest began almost 3 years ago when they helped me get LMIA work permit from Korea. After coming to Canada and working for 1 year, I started thinking about PR and considered Cannest again. My PR process was smooth but it took some time to get the ecopr in the end. It's probably because of the ircc backlog going on these days. I have probably sent more than 30 emails to 'Mr. Justin Shim' asking questions like 'why my confirmation is not coming after approval?' He replied every single one of them and did everything he could to speed up my application. I recently got my confirmation of PR. Yay!!!! Thanks Mr. Justin shim and the team. I look forward to working with cannest again.
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ByeongSeon PARK
[Translated by Google] I think I got my green card without much trouble because the staff and attorney Justin Shim proceeded well from work permit to green card progression and recently received ECOPR. I mainly communicated by email, but I always answered accurately and quickly, so there was no frustration, and it was good to deal with it whenever there was a problem. When using other immigration companies, the progress was slow and did not give an answer, so there was a sense of unclear anxiety (? ) and frustration, but this is not the case here, so I felt like I paid for something comfortably and received the price well, so maybe I was the only one who felt that way, but anyway, it was good to feel like I was accompanied by a guide on the road to immigrating to Canada The expression was somewhat abstract.
Anyway, I recommend it to those who need an agency for Canadian immigration, and thank you for doing a good job once again^^.
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[Translated by Google] I'm in my late 40s, I'm an MPNP candidate, and I was referred by a friend to do it here. I signed up here, and JUstin Shim helped me do it, and I liked it more as I went along than I did when I first signed up. I live in Canada, so I send emails on weekends and nights, but I didn't expect a reply (Canada never works outside of business hours), but Justin replied right away, so I was sorry but grateful. I try not to send emails outside of business hours unless it's really urgent....
Don't hesitate, go for it, you won't regret it.
I think I got it the fastest out of all the people who did it, because when I told them I did it here, they were surprised I did it in Vancouver (I'm in Winnipeg) and now they're jealous of me. I don't know if it's because I'm good at the agency or if I'm just lucky.
From my experience, I think you can leave it in the nest.
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Soos' Mom
[Translated by Google] CanNest Immigration has been an absolute blessing to me.
I don't have any relatives or acquaintances in Canada, but what a courage it was...
When I tried to immigrate with my children, I consulted more than 10 companies related to Canada, such as migration corporations and study abroad centers.
After much thought and consultation, I chose Nest Immigration. The relationship with Nest Immigration was a great blessing.
They prepared my documents perfectly, one by one, so on my first day in Vancouver, I was praised by immigration for preparing my documents so well that they gave me a visa :))
I met great teachers at the daycare where I worked and the time passed quickly until I received my permanent residency :))
I came to Vancouver with the goal of becoming a permanent resident, but I never thought I would be able to become a permanent resident like this....
Thank you so much Nest Immigration
Mr. Lawyer is really meticulous, sincere and professional.
Thank you so much for your help.
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