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Maggie LIN
Justin is a responsible and professional.If I don't understand,he will be patient and explain until I understand.Finally,I got 2 years work permit successfully.If I need to apply PR,I will choose Justin for help. Everyone wants to apply visa, I recommend it"
Ha Juri
Permanent residence is in progress. I was recommended by a friend and they are kind. They give me update very fast and even on weekends and it was thankful for me who do not have on weekdays . Most of all, they encouraged me every time I went to counseling.
hee park
I think the success of the Canadian immigrants depends on who we start with. Money, time, and that's where each effort, passion, patience...Immigrants dream of success, including priceless treasures. I can say for sure that my case was more than a success. I chose the wrong project, moved it, gave it up, and looked at them many times around, and I always thought I made the right choice. I'm very happy to personally introduce you to the successful immigration process and to the people around you who can trust you with hope and confidence. The reason for the review is because more people want to immigrate to Canada. Money and time.Try, Passion, Patience...Write down a few words in the hope that you will not waste any of them. Lastly, I would like to thank you and Mr. Justin
Kim Joanna
[Translated by Google] Najin! Thank you for caring and helping me until I get a work permit while resuming lmia! I was very worried because it was going on again, but thanks to the quick response and interest in the work, I think I received the second lmia well! Thank you and have a happy end of the year!
Nurture Growth
My entire immigration process was managed by Justin at CanNest Immigration. It started so smoothly without a hitch under the expertise of Justin. He got my LMAI approved, followed by work permit, PNP and then PR today. The best part about the service I received is the quick and quality response for all queries which keeps your confidence all high. Another factor that impressed me was that their fees was never unreasonably high as compared to what I have heard in the market. There was always good communication and constant support and Justin is aware of even the smallest detail of your case. I’m grateful to CanNest for helping me acquire my PR which looked impossible at my age (early 50s).
Dell Kim
I conducted permanent residency with LMIA, and I was able to finish it comfortably with kind and professional consultation and quick work and meticulous progress I want to recommend it to other people around me
Clint Lemkus
Exceptional service, very affordable, and willing to serve clients in a timely manner during every facet of the process.
Team Leader Justin!!! thank you. Thanks to the fast, meticulous and accurate work After 7 months, I got my green card. If you are worried about selecting a company for Lmia and other permanent residency issues, Team Leader Justin recommends it. Thank you again.
aldo monsivais
I did my process with CanNest Inmigration a few months ago because my friend gave me good references, the service and attention was very good, my process was easy and fast, I felt very comfortable with them and I also want to do my next process with cannest because I believe in them.
Donghoon Oh
Justin Shim is the best immigration consultant
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Immigration News
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