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Justin has been very responsive to any questions and concerns that I had regarding work permit. He also seemed confident, which made me less concerned about the result. He understands exactly what would make you more qualified for WP depending on your situation/background. Every time there’s an update from immigration office, he would also alert you right away. Overall, their service was amazing and yes I got my 2 years work permit thanks to him.
Chloe Kim
I went to Justin Lawyer to proceed to common law. I was looking for a cannest while I was looking for another company that could do the quickest as soon as I had two weeks left before the immigration consultant gave me a pato (two months before I could apply). I had to kindly inform you of the parts you need to revise, and I finished my documents in 3-5 days. I am very short of my visa, so I received a lot of stress. It's been a year, but I've been informed that the approval request came in nine months. Keep me informed of the progress by mail and phone, and I'll recommend all my friends here !! Please do it here. So nice and nice people !!!!
Please be nice to me ~~ Please find Mia. LMIA Work permit came out quickly. Good Good Green Card is also in progress ~~ It's the best
hee park
I think the success of the Canadian immigrants depends on who we start with. Money, time, and that's where each effort, passion, patience...Immigrants dream of success, including priceless treasures. I can say for sure that my case was more than a success. I chose the wrong project, moved it, gave it up, and looked at them many times around, and I always thought I made the right choice. I'm very happy to personally introduce you to the successful immigration process and to the people around you who can trust you with hope and confidence. The reason for the review is because more people want to immigrate to Canada. Money and time.Try, Passion, Patience...Write down a few words in the hope that you will not waste any of them. Lastly, I would like to thank you and Mr. Justin
bong nunu
"Thank you so much for the friendly reply and always quick updates. Worked elsewhere at first, but decided to change the agency to Cannest and got a two year lmia in a month I've been struggling in other places, so I bothered a lot to Cannest. Thank you for your sincere support. Flourish !!! "
Before coming to Canada, I checked and decided a lot! To get to Canada from Korea to get a visa, they took care of all the documents, and my consultant, Jenny, is very kind to me. She explained me everything in detail. It is a great help to me as I believe in nesting immigration and am now heading toward permanent residence. If you are thinking of immigration, I highly recommend it.
Akii C
My friends recommended this immigration agency and I loved it !!! I also recommend to my coworkers and friends as well. Mia helped me for my LMIA approval and I finally got my work permit without any problems! It went through everything so smoothly. I really appreciate for Mia and all Cannest employees. Thank you so much for your hard working and efforts.
YoonHa Jung
Thanks to the fast and accurate processing of the work, I got my green card very quickly! I was worried because my score was ambiguous, but I was able to get my permanent residency much faster than I expected because he recommended it as the most beneficial way out of many ways. Thanks a lot. With the most up-to-date information, they've been keeping me updated frequently, so I was very confident while I was waiting. He always counsels me so kindly and warmly as he does, and the price is cheaper than anywhere else, so I recommend nests to my neighbors. I was so satisfied! Once again, thank you.
Saerom Park
I was able to understand why my friend recommended Cannest after I met them. Everyone was so kind and warm. They response me back very quickly whenever it was. Thank you very much
Joon Kim
Anyone who has undertaken the tedious process of immigration will acknowledge that the waiting alone can be a disheartening endeavour, marked by a feeling of helplessness from such a drawn out and seemingly opaque immigration proceedings. Throughout my wife’s spousal sponsorship application, Jenny and Justin have been our true advocate, tirelessly working on our behalf on both ends to streamline the immigration process and to keep my wife and I informed every step of the way. As of last week, a great weight is lifted off our shoulders upon approval of our application and we owe it all to Jenny and Justin. Our gratitude extends not only to the outcome of the application, but to the unwavering support they have given us during the wait. We were never kept in dark for the entire processes of the application and it truly made a difference. To Jenny and Justin, we thank you for obliging all our late night phone calls and for the unfailing friendship you have shown us during the past year. To anyone reading this, my wife, Sulah and I recommend CanNest Immigration Consulting wholeheartedly without an ounce of reservation. The success of our application and the manner in which it succeeded should bear testament to the characters of Jenny and Justin as well as to the exceptional service they provide."
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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