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Soo P
[Translated by Google] I would like to thank Attorney Justin Shim and the members of the Nest Immigration Team. Acquisition of permanent residency was a process with many twists and turns for me, but they warmly sympathized with me in happy and sad times, to the point of wondering when I slept due to the quick replies all day and night, and professionally covered my paperwork mistakes. I was lucky enough to receive an approval letter. Thanks to the meticulous handling of the work, trust grew as time passed, and I am so grateful that things have worked out smoothly so far. We hope that many people who are thinking of immigrating to Canada can find Justin and save valuable time and money on the way to making their goals come true.
Since I first came with my student visa last year, I came through Cannest's nest immigrant, Mia. Before coming to Korea, I was able to contact them well, so I didn't have to worry about it. If I had any necessary documents, they guided and answered me with small questions. I recently had a consultation about my next visa, but I also remembered that they told me what was the best and most convenient way for me. I hope I can continue my visa with Mia without worrying about it. I hope other people besides me are well supported.
Minc K
I got my PR card through CanNest!! Justin and Mia worked on my LMIA and EECEC approval. They checked all of my documents thoroughly. Whenever I didn't know about my process, they always gave me detailed information. They also shared with me every updated process. My previous agent didn't do this so I had an issue with this. I liked all of the processing how cannest did and I finally got my PR card. Thank you so much CanNest! I am so lucky to have Justin and Mia. If you are looking for a reliable agency, highly recommend them!
During the study abroad-immigration process, I went through several study/immigration consulting companies here and there due to personal conditions and circumstances. It was amazing to find a way even in difficult conditions due to my mistakes, and as a result, it was also impressive that it did not deviate from predictions, and there are no words to express it other than art. I would dare to say that I have experienced an aura that can be found in anyone who has reached any level of professionalism. Now, my accompaniment with nest immigrants will be finished, but if anyone around me is thinking about immigration, I will unconditionally recommend it.
Highly recommend CanNest!! I received my PR within 3months since I applied. Justin was so professional, knowledgeable, and always quick response for any questions or concerns. Great service and reliable consulting!!!!! Thank you so much for your support!
Chunghyun Kim
We did LMIA here. Thank you so much for your prompt processing and response for my questions in late nights and for helping me get a work permit! Thanks to you, I was able to receive it quickly and safely.
I've got work permit visa through Cannest. I would like to recommend Cannest if you have troubles receiving work permit or visa. They will provide you with a professional and responsive service from a consulting to processes required. Especially, Justin showed me the clear and perfect performance under difficult circumstances of Covid-19. I really appreciate his professionalism and kindness. Thanks to Cannest!
KamiliaRadevic Radevic
This guys the best! They hellp me for family sponsorship, I just get my PR. They work fast, smooth and very easy communicate with them. Whenever I send email, they always answer soon is possible. If I need any consultation in the future, I gonna come back again and recommend for my friends. Thank you for your work
Dong Kyo Jung
Highly recommend cannest immigration consultant team. Justin and his team members know what they need to provide clients with right services. If anyone want to live in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact them. Well educated and trained team members will be there to help you.
Jongseob Shin
I received landing permission from Vancouver Airport on July 5th, after being granted permanent residency in Canada through Nest Immigration. At first I was thinking about immigration and my wife was looking for a number of immigration companies in Vancouver and was consulted but it was impossible or difficult. In the meantime, I went to the nest immigration and got counseling. Unlike other immigration companies, I listened to the current situation from the beginning to the end, and it was not impossible. I am preparing for immigration by preparing for the IELTS examination by counseling that I should score the score in English because there are items that do not receive the score because of age and company location. It takes a lot of time to prepare for immigration documents. In addition, the nest immigrant informed me that it took a lot of time. He prepared the documents along the way and checked the prepared documents to see if there were any problems. If you send your documents to Canada from Canada by e-mail, you have responded quickly, accurately and kindly, including not responding within a day. There is a question that some immigration corporations did not properly check the contents of documents on the internet, and there was a question that there was a problem. When you are preparing your documents, you will also be able to tell us in detail how and where to obtain each piece of individual documents. You will also be kind enough to let us know as soon as possible whether the documents have been submitted, Thank you. Most of the time, in immigration and fantasy, you simply say that if you wait, there will be an answer, but in the nest immigration you think that it is different from other places to take care of like your own work. Unlike many immigration corporations who think that you only have to pay the commission even if you do not disclose only money, you can say that it is another place where you are happy to be like yourself and to be comforted when you are late. I am so thankful for landing on July 5th and thanked me for having lunch on July 8th. If you are worried about immigration, please get a consultation from a nest immigrant. My nephew is now in the immigration process through the nest immigration. If you ask other nations to recommend nesting immigration, many immigration corporations will ask you to visit several places to get counseling. But if the acquaintance has a close relationship with me, I will tell them to go to the nest immigration, not to go anywhere else. If you are really worried about immigration, go to Nest Immigration. Chief Jenny, Justin, you've been in a lot of trouble. Thank you.
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Immigration News
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