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Review about Cannest

He gave us honest and realistic answers from start to finish. At first, I went to various migrant companies to get counseling, and other places said they wouldn't give me any information unless I paid first, but they gave me a lot of information even though it was free, and because of that, I was able to get permanent residency. From the beginning, she was a real and kind counselor, so I had to trust her even more and proceed with her permanent residency with LMIA. He didn't reveal the money, he was so kind and informative from start to finish, and I asked so many questions, and I never heard from him once, nor did he bother to answer his questions. I highly recommend you to move to Canada first place!! Thank you!
Jn Yu
I applied for a student visa and got a permit in almost a week. I am very happy to receive this soon and write a review to recommend to the visa holders. I changed the immigration agency to a nesting immigration. The other one made me confused from the document preparation stage, and it was expensive. Even though I had a lot of questions and bothered aloth to the staff because I was worried that my visa would be rejected. But the staff, MIA of Nest Immigration always answered me quickly and accurately. Once the visa was rejected, there was a high chance that it would be rejected. In the future, I will proceed both working visas and permanent residence with Cannest. The cost is cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly, the professional work ability and belief of dual construction is the best. Thank you Mia!
Kian Seo
I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help moving to Canada. It was such a great experience with CanNest Consultant. Mia has been always incredibly helpful processing my LMIA and guiding me through what would have been a very stressful process. Thanks again Mia. You r the best :))
Received PGWP in 3 weeks. Most of all, the kind counseling and sincere work were impressive. Even with the cultural system of Canada, I was impressed with the consideration of Korean emotions. In addition, I think that the part that everyone provided promotional discounts during the tough COVID 19 period was the company's meticulous attention to customers. We hope that you will not continue to lose the corporate spirit.
Thank you for everything you have done for my PR. Now I got an eCOPR and I’m just waiting for a card. Justin is my high recommendation.
Sunwoo Lee
It was a really happy experience to go through nest immigration and permanent residency. Even when a difficult situation unrelated to nest immigration occurred in the middle, we were able to quickly get a permanent resident card because the difficult situation turned into a disastrous response with a very active and thoughtful response from our point of view. Above all, I think that it is the best relocation project for Gashimbi as it puts people's minds at ease through transparent procedures and meticulous work. :)
Kukhwan shin
Hi. I would like to recommend this migration to others. Right now I'm waiting for the landing paper. Thank you for being so kind, Nest Immigration. They did great job without any problems. they explains based on exact facts. Jenny and Justin encourage me every time I talk. In fact, you are physically and mentally having a hard time until you get PR. They helped me emotionally. I think this will be helpful for many people who is looking for a reliable company !! I like it !! I wished I knew Cannest a little earlier. Thank you for reading the long article
younglok KIM
Thanks to the lawyer, the permanent residency approval went well. I was worried because of the delay in the process at the immigration office, but thanks to the help of the lawyer, I am grateful that it ended well.
Jeonghee Hwang
I was satisfied with meticulous care and kind feedback from consulting to obtaining permanent residency. Experienced and professional nest is highly recommended ????
Everyone in Canada who thinks of permanent residency knows that this is more important than anything else, and I also had a lot of questions to find a reliable and responsible migration agency. I was worried because I had heard a lot of good / bad stories about other relocation projects here and there from acquaintances. However, thanks to the clean and fast updates from the beginning and end of the permanent residence process, and the accurate and meticulous care of the permanent residence process, the permanent residence was well completed. I was more than just a guest, I was more than happy to take care of the latest information and decided to give a lot of good advice. In spite of my many questions, I think it was a success, thanks to Justin, who gave me a good answer. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for the last one year, keeping tension. I'm already doing well now, but I hope that the word of mouth will go further with the same heart. Permanent Residence and Visa related matters, I hope to be with such honest and responsible people ~~~!
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Immigration News
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