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Review about Cannest

Highly recommend CanNest. I just got my PR within 7month since I applied. All the staffs are very kind, professional, knowledgable and responsible. Always get responds in few minutes every time I send emails. Thanks for Justin, Bella and all.
Kate Kim
[Translated by Google] (Actually, 5 stars are not enough. I have to give you 100 stars.) I changed it to Sujeong because it was not added after the lmia review 3 years ago. It was a difficult time because I had to go to the border, but I was grateful to Justice Justin for going to the border and helping me, but that relationship came to permanent residency. Thank you so much. I'm so tired and frustrated waiting for you, so even if I contact you every day, thank you so much for always encouraging me and comforting me and trying to update me quickly!!!! Thanks to you, I was able to complete my working visa and permanent residency safely!!!!! Justice Justin of Nest Immigration is a person who really sympathizes with and helps as if it's his job I definitely recommend this place. If you're worried after watching the review, don't worry and make sure to proceed safely and kindly at Nest Immigration
Highly recommended.I've done my LMIA with them.Mia helped me a lot during the process and always quick response which makes me feel very comfortable.They are nice and friendly.I will do with CanNest immigration consultants again when I apply for PR!!
o.o J
I had lmia in the nest. I was in a hurry to get ready when my original visa was almost over and I didn't have enough information so I really bothered my manager. I really asked five hundred questions. Thank you for your reassurance and reassurance .. I was really thankful that they treated me like his sister, not like one of customers. When I consulted with another agency, they couldn't even explain it properly, but in the nest, they explained the procedure in detail, the approximate period, and any small problems that might arise. I was convinced that this is a very professional expert. In addition, I heard many people saying that most of the agents are not working properly after the settlement, so I was worried about that. But they Kindly answer the questions, and every moment, I was satisfied. It seems that I was able to get visa approval in such a short time. I chose Cannest is the best choice of my life .. I want to give 100 out of 5 stars :) Thank you so much !! :)
Justin handled work permit including LMIA and the rest of application perfectly for both me and my wife. I really appreciate his efforts and fast responses. I wish him success in his career.
h an
They are more than AWESOME! Even though I contact and bother them a lot, they are always kind and try to give me clear answers that feel me better all the times. I got the PR in 6 months with all of their care. Thank you so much Justin Shim.
Shelly Yang
I’m so happy to have Justin from CanNest to help me for my LMIA work permit and immigration paperwork. Justin is a very nice, patient and professional person who can help me with my paperwork and answer lots of questions. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He can find out more information and he’s very passionate about his job. I’m working with him for two years, and I really appreciate and grateful to him for his efforts to get me permanent residence. It is a very nice experience with Justin. He is the best
I finally landed yesterday! As soon as it became 2019, I changed the immigration company and I got invitation on last May everything went smooth. Whenever I had any questions, they answered me any time of the day, and contact me first. Thank you so much so much! I was so worried a lot and I contacted at night until the end and they reassured me. I recommend Cannest to those around me, but I will continue to recommend it :))
Saerom Park
I was able to understand why my friend recommended Cannest after I met them. Everyone was so kind and warm. They response me back very quickly whenever it was. Thank you very much
sp k
In September, I was recommended by my friend and Mia Consultant explained me in detail how to get a work permit. I was told that I had to search the immigration company by myself to find a good one. and here was the best immigration company that I have ever visited. It took about two and a half months to get a work permit. If you have any questions, then let them know by email and they will update you all situations. When my boss told me that she was a good consultant, I was proud to think that I had made the right choice. Luckily I'm working well in Canada, and I'll be sure to ask CanNest for help when I get a green card one year later. Please do well at that time!
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Immigration News
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