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Jung Sanghoon (Ray)
I got my green card. He explained well and responded quickly!
Thanks to the nest immigration representatives and staff, I am a lmia visa person. It took me about a month to get the approval letter from the first run. Of course, there are some people who call me kebakke, but I kept paying attention during the visa process and explained it in detail until I received the final work permit. I was very nervous and anxious when I first went to the border to get a visa. All the staff are friendly and have any questions, so when you send a text or an email, the answer will come quickly and accurately. As for the purpose of permanent residency, I am also going to ask for permanent immigrant representatives. Nest immigration is recommended to those who are troubled by the immigration work now! It is. Trust the nest immigrant! I hope you thrive.
donggi seo
Big thanks to Cannest immigration for helping me out for my PR application. Your constant support throughout out the journey was very helpful. I would highly recommend Cannest immigration as your partner to go through all the difficult but exciting process.
Eunji Oh
First of all the staff are very friendly! When I contacted them by katok or e-mail, they answered quickly every time. they explained me very kindly with my all questions in detail. If you are worried about LMIA or visa issues, please visit Cannest!
Hello. I received the final permanent residency approval in July, and I am currently waiting to receive a PR card. First of all, I would like to thank the lawyer Shim and the nesting staff who helped me to proceed with the permanent residency and to get my permanent residence approved safely. It's a day like this for me too. It's a joy, a surprise, and a strange feeling at the same time. The reason I chose nest immigration is because of Judge Sim's time, quick response regardless of the day of the week, easy-to-understand explanations, and thoroughness to ensure that there is no problem at all. Strictly speaking, if you contact us late at night or on weekends, there is nothing we can do if we do not receive a reply, but he always kindly answered and cared about us. As a result, I received an invitation in February of this year, submitted the necessary documents in March, and finally received PR approval in July. I think we got approval sooner than expected in this country. You must have heard many bad stories about visa or permanent residency issues around you. Is the immigration agency there? I hope that you don't feel the stress and heartache that you don't know how many years it will be because of this thought. Like me, you want to take on a challenge and make a fresh start in Canada, but 'Nest Immigration Company' will help you get the results you want in the fastest way without any problems.
Sungsik Ahn
I got PR last week through EE as a cook. I have had great experience with Cannest and if someone would look for a immigration office, I highly recommend them. They are very kind and good at noticing details which is very essential for processing PR. I would like to thank for all of their hard work and I hope their business achieves huge success.
Gina Lee
I would recommend CanNest to anyone who needs help with any kind of visa/immigration issues. Throughout my 6 months of Express Entry PR process, Justin and his team have been always available and found the best solutions in a timely manner. I am located in Toronto, but I did not have ANY communication issues working with them regardless of the distance. If you are reading this review, I am sure you've heard of so many horror stories of people having issues with their immigrant consultants after paying thousands and thousands dollars. Justin is super responsible and reliable and he really puts his time and efforts to help his clients!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
kai Bong
I lived in Canada for 10 years. At first, I proceeded my visa with the agency located in Coquitlam but they had a no responsibility, They never called me and let me know the situation what's going on. But Cannest called me every time and explaining all the situation for everything. Price is important but they provide an excellent service that made me feel comfortable.
Thank you so much for your kind counseling and your good work everytime I called you or text you whenever I had any questions. I'm just waiting for my visa. Thank you so much, Mia, for introducing me to the best job.
I finally landed yesterday! As soon as it became 2019, I changed the immigration company and I got invitation on last May everything went smooth. Whenever I had any questions, they answered me any time of the day, and contact me first. Thank you so much so much! I was so worried a lot and I contacted at night until the end and they reassured me. I recommend Cannest to those around me, but I will continue to recommend it :))
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Immigration News
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