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Review about Cannest

Thanks to the kind consultation MIA! I got a good work permit. Thank you for always updating the fastest and for consultation whenever you have any questions. Next time, nest immigration with permanent residence !! Thank you Mia again. work hard.
Sangwan Kim
This is a trustworthy company that always consults in detail and takes care of the necessary details.
Arisara Sae-lee
Very friendly staff and awesome service.????
Karen Kim
I would highly recommend CanNest to anyone! We are very thankful to Justin Shim (CanNest Immigration Consulting) who helped us with getting LMIA and Work Permit. Justin Shim was honest and worked very professionally for us. I was kept informed on all aspects of our case and he always gave us confidence and accurate information with quick responding even though the processing time had been much longer than what I expected because of the pandemic. I wish Justin Shim the best of luck and lot of success in the future! Thank you very much!
Saerom Park
I was able to understand why my friend recommended Cannest after I met them. Everyone was so kind and warm. They response me back very quickly whenever it was. Thank you very much
Juhan Kim
This time, with the help of the judge, I was able to complete the permanent residency procedure safely about a year and a half after arriving in Canada. There is a reason why many people recommend it, so if you are a Ginga private house, please visit once and get a consultation. Prior to the permanent residency procedure, he was kindly and promptly consulted on visa issues. Above all, when I first visited, he placed the NOC job table and carefully calculated my score and gave me advice on future strategy development. Unlike other immigration agencies, who tend to shy away from immigrants who have just arrived in Canada, I think that advice based on accurate facts, regulations, and abundance of cases has been a facilitator to obtaining a green card quickly. I only visited several places, but there wasn't one place that took a strategic approach based on the client's career and basic status. Companies that said they couldn't consult anymore because they were busy and time passed than expected, and companies that said they could come back after receiving a perfect score in English are still in my memory. Honestly, we desperately hope that those below that level will be quickly removed from the market. I was deeply impressed by the clear and well-organized business flow that is flawless, from the creation of a perfect customized strategy and a neat finish, while responding kindly. If there is anyone in the vicinity who wishes to proceed with visa procedures or permanent residency, I highly recommend the nest relocation project. Don't waste time wasting money while wandering elsewhere, and make the best choice at once. I wish everyone who reads this article a successful settlement and immigration.
Roslyn Kim
Attention to those who are permanent residents of the spouse I was worried that there will be an application delay in May 2020, but I got COPR in April and got a lot of green card cards in 2 weeks!!! I recommend Justin Shim. I had to go to Korea in the middle, but if you have any questions, please answer all questions and it was great. At first, I would like to get married in the middle of the application by the common law, and then update all that and I recommend Justin Shim. Thank you for receiving my green card.
Grace Cho
Since September, Mia Park has been in charge of LMIA. I finished it smoothly and smoothly from the first consultation until I received a work permit. It could be a slow process because of the end of the year, but thank you for helping me to finish everything before the end of the year. Thanks again to MIA Head for the quick response by phone and real-time mail consultation.
Highly recommend CanNest!! I received my PR within 3months since I applied. Justin was so professional, knowledgeable, and always quick response for any questions or concerns. Great service and reliable consulting!!!!! Thank you so much for your support!
sp k
In September, I was recommended by my friend and Mia Consultant explained me in detail how to get a work permit. I was told that I had to search the immigration company by myself to find a good one. and here was the best immigration company that I have ever visited. It took about two and a half months to get a work permit. If you have any questions, then let them know by email and they will update you all situations. When my boss told me that she was a good consultant, I was proud to think that I had made the right choice. Luckily I'm working well in Canada, and I'll be sure to ask CanNest for help when I get a green card one year later. Please do well at that time!
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