On September 1, immigration secretary Sean Fraser announced a presentation on the overall Canadian immigration system and its modernization work
I did. The coronavirus pandemic and the increasing number of unexamined documents in the wake of the pandemic have left me in trouble for a while
The Canadian Immigration Service has been considering a number of ways to avoid being put in the same situation again. With that solution,
Looking at the changes in the immigration system that have been suggested, it can be represented by the word 'modernization'
There are. The presentation can be organized into five topics, and what actions are in progress, in detail
Let's take a look.
First, it exempts immigration applicants who live in Canada and meet certain conditions from medical examinations. immigration screening
Health for permanent residents and temporary residence applicants in Canada to prevent increased waiting times
I'm going to make sure I don't have a checkup. However, it is not for all applicants living in Canada, but specifically
It seems to presuppose more conditions. The detailed conditions are still before the announcement, but from June 2021 to 2022
It is expected to be implemented as soon as possible because there is a history of exemption from medical checkups until March.
The move will affect about 180,000 new immigrants.
Second, introduce 100% digitalization of immigration applications. From September 23, 2022, the Immigration Department is a permanent resident program
We will bring support online 100% of 100%. The Immigration Department has already promised to digitize immigration applications in January
There has been, and the commercialization of online applications will be implemented in spring or summer. The development work
It is finally completed, and it seems to be applied right away from this month. And for those who can't sign up online,
We will make it possible to use an alternative format to avoid any disadvantages.
Thirdly, we introduce an additional system for checking the status of immigration applications You can check the application status in February
The system has already been deployed and is being utilized. Check out 7 more permanent residency and temporary residence programs here
We are planning to expand the system by spring 2023 to make it possible. In addition, citizenship applications launched in May 2021
Previously, only you could access and check the status, but the function so that the agent can check it within this month
I will add it. In addition, the Immigration Department has established an online processing system to provide more accurate information
We are improving it, and we promised to continue to announce the forecast for the application processing period from the fall.
Fourth, modernize Canadian citizenship applications. In August 2021, the Immigration Department said that a group of adults over the age of 18
You can submit your citizenship application online. We're going to decide who will be eligible for this
It will be expanded so that all citizenship applicants can apply for citizenship online by the end of the year. This year
Canada has exceeded its citizenship target in 2021-2022 and has more than 217,000 new citizens
Received. As of this fiscal year, 35,000 people will be 110,000 during the same period of 2021 from April 1 to July 31
The number exceeds 6,000 people, and you can guess the contribution or relevance of the online citizenship application
That's the situation.
Fifth, as of 2022, there has been an influx of more than 300,000 new permanent residents. In 2021
Canada's immigration agency has set a historic record by accepting more than 400,000 new permanent residents. 2022
The Immigration Department has set a target of 430,000 people, more than 300,000 permanent residents as of August 22
It's flowing in, and it's now meeting its target smoothly. This is faster than any other year
It's a high number that we've achieved. As a result, the Immigration Bureau is actively conducting immigration screening, and immigrants
We can see that the inflow policy is actively implemented.

Finally, Sean Fraser immigration following modernization of the immigration system and presentation of the Immigration Department's performance to date
Through the Minister's statement, I could guess from the future immigration policy and the future of the immigration market.
What the immigration minister has said is very hopeful, and as you can see from the results so far, very active
It's progressive. The content of the presentation is as follows.
"Immigration is about people. Start a new career, reunite a family, what we call home
Creating a new life in this beautiful country. We're going to update the technology to create an immigration system
At the heart of everything we do to strengthen, we have to have people, customers. We're going to use resources where we need them
By adding and leveraging technology to speed up processing and make it easier for customers, we're new
It can provide immigrants and new citizens with the welcome experiences they deserve."