Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser announces immigration status

On August 29, Canada's immigration minister and task force decided that the government should quickly deal with the current backlog of immigration screening
I announced how I'm working. At a press conference, Canada's immigration minister and task force have over the past few months
The demand for travel and other government services, which have been increasing rapidly in recent years, including developmental changes during
We discussed fundamental reasons related to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Overall, how Canada is making efforts to improve various immigration-related services
I announced it, and the results so far and future plans are as follows. First of all, if you look at the performance,
First, from January 1 to July 31 this year, more than 349,000 new work permits were issued, which is in 2021
This is a significant increase compared to about 112,000 people during the same period. Second, from January 1st, 2022
Approximately 360,000 student visas were approved between July 31. The amount approved during the same period in 2021 is 306,000
As for the case, it's an increase of more than 50,000. Third, for Ukrainians who are looking for Canada to escape the war,
More than 216,000 applications for emergency travel permits from March 17 to August 24, 2022
And they approved it.
We also announced our future plans, and it includes the following. First, until the end of the fall, maximum
Recruit 1,250 new employees to increase business performance and quickly resolve backlogs in the short term
That's what they say. Second, we have completed the modernization of Canadian immigration system operations to enable rational processing
It is scheduled, and thirdly, as of August 22, we will take measures to bring in more than 300,000 new permanent residents.
Fourth, introducing a new system to track applications for citizenship and some permanent residency applicants, in real time
We will be able to check the status of the process, and we will expand it to more applicants next year
And finally, I'm going to go to the Immigration Department website and I'm going to tell you everything that's going on
I informed you that I will post the data.
According to the announcement, the Immigration Department can manage more than 1 million applications in a given time frame, with 1.7 million in 2021
You have processed the dog's application. 2.4 million documents are currently under review, up from 2.7 million in July
That's a decrease. In addition, 1.1 million immigration applications are currently available in standard time, and 1.3 million
It's called a backlog.
In addition, through the Minister of Family Affairs Karina Gould, she also mentioned improving the speed of handling Canadian passports.
If we look at the improvements, we will increase the speed of our work by increasing the number of service Canadian personnel, and we will be able to use our passports for the past 15 years
Adult passports issued are taken to enable simple renewal, implement a new classification system, and receive passports
The service will be available in nine more places. Not only that, but Ontario, Quebec,
Expanded passport services to 24 rural and remote locations in the Canadian Atlantic Ocean, speeding up processing speed
I'm going to make it go up fast.
Travel minister Omar Alghabra also announced a plan to improve travel inconveniences that have recently erupted. Above all.
We're trying to hire more people to reduce travel latency and airport congestion, and we're trying to create bottlenecks
It says it is working closely with relevant government departments, including airlines, airports and border services, to resolve the issue.
train to expand the kiosk system at international airports and deploy more police officers at airports
I'm going to have a Dongan Examiner work. Transportation issued last year to recruit new employees more quickly
We've tripled the number of security permits, which will reduce the nationwide waiting time for security scans before boarding
I expect it to be.

The briefing of the task force is mainly intended to facilitate immigration, employment, travel, etc. in Canada
It seems to be reflected. In particular, immigration minister Fraser actively improved the immigration system and immigration screening process
I emphasized that I would be able to complete my work as soon as possible
It will focus on improving its online system at the same time as hiring an additional 1,250 employees
This is interpreted as a measure that actively reflects Canada's desire to accept skilled immigrants
We can, and we can expect that future immigration market conditions will become more vibrant than ever before.