On Monday morning, July 20, the Canadian government announced new information on how to receive a Study Permit for new admissions or academic maintenance for the fall semester of 2020.

Due to COVID-19, Canada has restricted entry into Canada and the issuance of a new study permit to study abroad, except for international students who received a Study Permit before March 18, 2020. In other words, only international students who have obtained their academic permits before March 18, 2020 are currently allowed to enter Canada, and those who have received them since then are restricted from entering the country. Or, if you get your academic permit before March 18, but you can study at home online instead of having to come to Canada and take classes, you may be restricted from entering Canada.

In this regard, the Immigration Bureau has announced a two-step approval process called the new two-step application process to allow students to take online classes without academic permits. Applications for the new approval process program must be filed by September 15th, and the immigration office says it will process the application as soon as possible.

For this second phase of the approval process, we are divided into two stages, and for the first stage of the application, we must submit an admission letter and a certificate of balance, and when our status in Canada expires, we must either extend our stay or leave Canada. If you submit these documents first in the first round, you can give prior approval at the discretion of the examiner and start studying without a formal academic permit. Submitting a physical examination, criminal record, and biometrics after prior approval will issue a formal academic permit, which will allow you to enter Canada or take classes online in third countries.

The PGWP eligibility requirements have also been changed to allow you to apply for Post-Gradiation Work Permit (PGWP) even after taking classes online. Under the changed conditions, Canadian students will now be able to apply for PGWP once they complete half of the program online. PGWP is a stepping stone to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry (EE), the Provincial Nomine Program (PNP) or other permanent residency methods after completing an open work permit in Canada.

In order to give this important PGWP more opportunities to more students, the Immigration Bureau has also expanded the opportunities for students listening to online programs. Although the restrictions on admission to Canada have not been eased yet, we expect changes to study permit holders following work permit as we are opening additional directions for entering Canada little by little.