[Client Reviews]MS. Lee Dajeong's journey of studying, working, and obtaining permanent residency in Canada

22 May 2024
We had an interview about her recent achievements and experiences.

Q. When did you obtain your permanent residency in Canada?
A. I got it on November 15, 2023, through the ExpressEntry Canadian Experience Class, after applying in April that year.

Q. Was gaining permanent residency always your goal?
A. No, it wasn't my initial aim. I came to Canada in 2019 on a working holiday visa and decided to stay as I saw the benefits.

Q. Were you a chef before deciding to immigrate?
A. Yes, an immigration agency suggested that being a chef was a favorable pathway, so I pursued that route.

Q. What challenges did you face as a chef working towards permanent residency?
A. It was tough, especially during the pandemic. My score was below the threshold, but after two years of improving my score, I received an invitation.

Q. How did you manage to increase your score?
A. I increased my score from 380 to 499 points by enhancing my career, getting my Korean work experience recognized, and significantly improving my English.

Q. Any advice on balancing work and study?
A. Persistence is key. I took the exam five times, focusing on improving my English, especially since my job didn’t require it much.

Q. What’s crucial for obtaining permanent residency?
A. Applying even if your score isn't ideal and working to improve it. Persistence and the support from CanNest Immigration were essential for my success.


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