Study in Canada

Studying abroad comes with challenges such as choosing a major and dealing with visa applications. Our education experts guide you through each step, helping you select the right school and smoothly transition to life in Canada.

ESL, Co-op, College/University.

Canada, known for its top-tier educational institutions and diverse courses, is an ideal place to study abroad. You'll improve your language skills and gain specialized knowledge. Immersing in Canada's multicultural environment will also enhance your language abilities and cultural understanding.

Study Abroad *Minor Child.

Studying abroad as a minor provides young learners with priceless experiences. Being part of an international educational setting in varied cultural contexts promotes independence and contributes to academic development through an outstanding education system.


  • 01
    1:1 Consultation

    Meet in person or schedule an online session

    Discuss studying abroad essentials and requirements

  • 02
    School and Major Selection

    Sekection aligned with the interests and goals

    Select appropriate courses and majors

  • 03
    Document Submission and Visa Application

    Assist with school applications and Canadian student visa process

  • 04
    Arrival in Canada and Settlement Services

    Guide through entry procedures into Canada

    Provide specialized settlement services for a smooth start in Canada

VIP Service.

  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Personalized Programs
  • ESL
  • English Camp
  • School Counseling
  • Minor Child
  • Free public Education
  • All-in-One Service

    CanNest delivers comprehensive in-house services free from third-party involvement.

  • Decade of Expertise

    With deep roots in study abroad programs and partnerships with educational institutions, we provide seasoned guidance and services.

  • Dedicated Mentorship

    Our experts offer individualized support, helping clients find the right educational path.

  • Strategic Planning

    We aid in choosing schools and programs that match students' and parents' goals.

  • Visa Assistance

    We guide you through the visa process at no extra cost, ensuring a smooth journey for students and their families.

  • Additional Support

    From English tests to school applications, we cover all your educational needs

  • VIP Settlement

    Our premium service takes care of travel, insurance, and accommodation details for a worry-free study abroad experience


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