Exclusive Service for Nurses

The program is available for those who want to get a job and settle down as a nurse in Canada. We assist with the entire process, from obtaining a nursing license to converting it from a foreign country license. We also draw up longterm plans, including customized immigration consulting for those who wish to apply for immigration to Canada after gaining employment and experience.

Types of Nurses in Canada.

  • 01 LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)arr

    LPN or RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) is a nurse who performs practical nursing work. You must complete a two-year college program to obtain certification, and you must be registered as an LPN or RPN in Canada to be qualified. Main duties include basic nursing care and management. It is therapeutic and works under the supervision of an RN.

  • 02 RN (Registered Nurse)arr

    RNs are registered nurses who must earn a bachelor's degree in nursing from a four-year university and then pass the NCLEX-RN exam from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) to be eligible. They have primary authority and perform most tasks related to patient care in collaboration with the medical team.

  • 03 NP (Nurse Practitioner)arr

    NPs are advanced practice nurse practitioners and must hold a master's degree or doctoral degree to be eligible. She also has independent practice authority in certain specialties and has a broad role in medical practice, including making diagnoses, developing treatment plans, and writing prescriptions.

  • 04 Nursing Assistantarr

    Provide basic patient care in hospitals or long-term care facilities. Nursing assistants must complete specific training programs and, depending on the region or agency, certification may be required.

Transfer your License to Canada.

Nurses who have obtained a nursing license in a foreign country can also work in Canada by going through a certification process. Each local nurse association provides detailed guidance, so you must understand and proceed with the license conversion process depending on your region and register with the Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) and each provincial nursing association, and must practice in accordance with applicable provincial laws and regulations.

CanNest service for current and future nurse.

  • 01

    School selection and admission assistance for nursing.

  • 02

    Guidance on school life and license acquisition.

  • 03

    Detailed support for nursing immigration to Canada.


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