CanNest specializes in a range of services for those looking to immigrate, study, or work in Canada. Our role involves handling all aspects of the process for anyone wishing to gain experience or relocate to Canada. We offer personalized consultations to determine the most suitable schools, living arrangements, and employment opportunities. Our services extend from visa application assistance to helping clients settle into their new life in Canada.
When you apply for a consultation, we first request some basic information from you. Once we have this information and have conducted our research, we will schedule a consultation. This can be either a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, during which we will thoroughly guide you through the aspects of your chosen area of interest.
Initially, the first consultation is conducted free of charge. Following this, if a contract is established for services such as study application or visa processing, the payment is divided into two parts: an upfront deposit and the final payment, which is made upon completion of the services.
Canada faces challenges with low birth rates and an aging population, but it also shows low unemployment and high economic growth, indicating a critical need for more labor. Thus, the country is prepared to welcome more immigrants. The absolute number of new permanent residents is expected to increase steadily. The immigration program now offers more opportunities to those with skills in demand in Canada and those wishing to reside in regions needing population influx, lowering barriers for eligible individuals.
CanNest has partnerships with over 900 companies across Canada and offers free assistance in connecting job seekers with suitable employers. We provide detailed guidance on submitting resumes and preparing for interviews. If you have any queries about employment, feel free to ask for more information.


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