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At CanNest, we guide minors through the entire study abroad process, including co-op and public university admissions. Our experts tailor school selections to fit your child's needs.

Planning your child's overseas education can be overwhelming, from selecting majors to ensuring their safety. We're here to simplify this journey, providing comprehensive support for a seamless study abroad experience for your child.

Main Objectives.

Studying abroad presents an opportunity to immerse in a new language and culture, facilitating natural learning and a deeper understanding. The three primary goals are:

  • Language Acquisition

    Acquiring a language early promotes bilingual skill, particularly in youth, resulting in native-like fluency and ease of expression.

  • Cultural Experience

    Enhances global insight and deepens understanding of diverse cultures, broadening personal perspectives and improving international competence.

  • Educational Opportunities

    Studying abroad offers access to diverse educational opportunities, allowing students to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Key Benefits.

Studying in Canada offers significant advantages, including a welcoming atmosphere for international students and a well-established education system, fostering academic and personal development.

  • High-Quality Education

    Canada's education system is renowned for its exceptional quality and consistency, providing students with top-notch education and valuable skills for success.

  • International Student Programs

    Canada's public education system provides tailored programs and support for international students, including language-focused courses to facilitate language learning and adaptation.

  • Multiculturalism

    Canada's multicultural society embraces diversity, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for international students.

  • English and French

    Canada's bilingualism allows students to focus on English and French, with programs for language skill development

  • Safe Environment

    Canada is known for its commitment to public safety, providing residents with a secure and peaceful living environment.

  • Natural Environment

    Canada's beautiful natural environment provides a pleasant and healthy living environment.

Types of Programs.

  • 01Study Abroad in Canadaarr

    In Canada, it's common for parents to accompany their children However, if parents cannot accompany their child, the study abroad process can still proceed smoothly.

    • Parent-Accompanied Study
    Parents can apply for a visitor visa based on their child's study permit, allowing them to reside in Canada for the duration of the child's study program. This allows direct communication with schools and educational authorities, preferred by many families.

    • Studying Without Parents
    For children studying alone, accommodations like homestays or dormitories are arranged. Note that certain age and grade restrictions apply for solo study abroad in some regions (for example, only up to Grade 7 in Vancouver).

  • 021:1 Specialized Educationarr

    A personalized study abroad program for children with specific needs, perfect when parents can't be there. It customizes accommodation, school communication, and after-school activities, ensuring supervised support for a quicker, effective learning experience.

  • 03Free Public Educationarr

    Canada offers free education to children based on their parents' visa status, distinguishing it from the high international student fees elsewhere, which can surpass $16,000 per year. Children of Work and Study Permit holders are eligible for this benefit, applicable to degree programs and specific language courses under certain conditions.

Summer/Winter Camps.

English camps in Canada are programs where students from around the world participate to improve their English skills. Canada, in particular, has well-developed education programs for international students, offering not only regular school curricula but also various short-term camps, making it convenient for students.

Camp Information

• Types and Locations of Camps

English camps come in various types, including general English camps, specialized English camps focusing on sports or arts, and university preparation English camps. These camps are conducted in major cities across Canada, allowing participants to choose based on their goals and preferred locations, which is a significant advantage.

• Camp Duration

Most camps are concentrated during the summer vacation period, but there are also programs available during the winter break, and some camps run year-round.

• Camp Content

While English learning is the primary focus of these camps, they also incorporate various cultural experiences, travel opportunities, sports, and arts activities. Participants are encouraged to engage in activities that promote interaction and exchange with participants from different cultural backgrounds.

• Accommodation

Accommodation during the camp period may include school dormitories, shared housing, or homestays. Some camps offer multiple accommodation options for participants to choose from.

• Choosing a Camp

Choosing the right camp is crucial and should align with the participant's English learning goals and interests. It's important to have a clear understanding of Canadian camp information, including the camp's objectives, content, location, duration, and costs. To make an informed decision, it's advisable to consider these factors comprehensively and seek advice from experts before applying.

CanNest Education VIP Services.

CanNest's VIP team specializes in smooth transitions for students and families in Canada, offering mentorship, academic oversight, and personalized support for a safe study abroad experience.
For solo students, we ensure top service, tailoring school and region selections to individual preferences, and assisting with applications and settlement. Key features of CanNest Education include:

  • All-in-One Service

    CanNest delivers comprehensive in-house services free from third-party involvement.

  • Decade of Expertise

    With deep roots in study abroad programs and partnerships with educational institutions, we provide seasoned guidance and services.

  • Dedicated Mentorship

    Our experts offer individualized support, helping clients find the right educational path.

  • Strategic Planning

    We aid in choosing schools and programs that match students' and parents' goals.

  • Visa Assistance

    We guide you through the visa process at no extra cost, ensuring a smooth journey for students and their families. Additional Support: From English tests to school applications, we cover all your educational needs.

  • Additional Support

    From English tests to school applications, we cover all your educational needs.

  • VIP Settlement

    Our premium service takes care of travel, insurance, and accommodation details for a worry-free study abroad experience.


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