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Canada is favored by international students for its outstanding education and welcoming vibe. Home to leading universities and rich cultural diversity, it offers a broad learning and growth opportunity. Beyond academics, students enhance their language abilities and gain specialized knowledge, while immersing in different cultures expands their worldview and personal insights.

Language Courses.

  • ESL General Language Course

    Improve basic English skills, focusing on grammar, listening, writing, and speaking.

  • Business English

    Enhance English for business contexts, including meetings, presentations, and negotiations.


    Offers intensive training for these exams, aiming to help students meet North American college and university admission requirements.


    For those looking to teach English or upgrade teaching skills, focusing on language proficiency and teaching methods.

  • Translation and Interpretation

    Develop skills in translating and interpreting between English and other languages.

  • Pathway Program

    Helps students enter Canadian colleges or universities through English for Academic Purposes (EAP), bypassing traditional English proficiency tests.

  • Cambridge Examination

    Prepares for University of Cambridge English exams, with the perk of a certification that never expires.

  • Co-op Programs

    Combines academic studies with paid internships in fields like business and hotel management, providing real-world experience.



  • Canadian degrees add extra points for immigration

  • Build networks and acquire specialized knowledge.

  • Apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit(PGWP) up to 3 years

  • Spouse work permit available for higher degree programs.

  • Experience internships during studies

  • Free public education for children

  • Public Colleges/Universities


    University of British Columbia(UBC)
    - Located in Vancouver, it is a world-renowned prestigious university and one of Canada's top three universities
    - It boasts excellent research achievements across various academic fields and is a preferred choice for international students seeking higher education worldwide.

    Simon Fraser University(SFU)
    - An outstanding public university in British Columbia, with campuses in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey.
    - It has strong research performance in various fields, particularly well-known for business, computer science, and humanities.

    Vancouver Community College(VCC)
    - A community college in the heart of Vancouver that offers two-year degree programs, including technical and vocational education.
    - Known for its development in areas such as healthcare, design, culinary arts, music, and performing arts.

    British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT)
    - A practical education-focused institution with five campuses, including Burnaby, Richmond, and North Vancouver.
    - It excels in fields that require specialized skills such as engineering, construction, healthcare, business, and computer science. It offers programs that provide an advantage in post-graduation employment.

    Langara College
    - Offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs, diplomas, certificates, and graduate programs in various fields, including arts, social sciences, business, and healthcare.
    - Known for its language programs and pathway programs, making it an excellent choice for improving academic skills.

    Douglas College
    - A major public community college with campuses in New Westminster and Coquitlam, serving undergraduate and graduate-level programs.
    - Offers over 100 diverse programs in arts, social sciences, business, health sciences, and technology. Known for its seamless transfer programs for university-level education.

  • Private Colleges/Universities


    - Offers extensive educational programs for international students with campuses in Vancouver and Whistler.
    - Specializes in IT co-op programs and provides various support services for career development.

    Vancouver Film School(VFS)
    - Located in downtown Vancouver, it is a specialized school in the field of entertainment and creative industries.
    - Offers short-term intensive education programs that have produced numerous professionals in the film, TV, animation, and other entertainment industries.

    CDI College
    - A vocational education school with four campuses in the Vancouver area, including Burnaby, Surrey, and Richmond.
    - Specializes in healthcare, business, technology, law, and offers programs that are highly popular among students.

    Sprott Shaw College
    - Founded in 1903, it has a long history and is a reputable private college with campuses not only in the Vancouver area but also in other regions.
    - Offers diplomas and certificates in various fields such as business, tourism, early childhood education, healthcare, design, and media, focusing on practical education.

    Pacific Link College(PLC)
    - Actively operates programs for international students with campuses in Surrey and Burnaby.
    - Offers programs that are highly beneficial for employment, including diplomas and certificates in digital media design, hotel management, and business administration. Also provides an Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, which is a significant strength of the school.

    Cornerstone College 
    - A private educational institution located in Vancouver, with a focus on professional vocational training and language education.
    - Offers programs in general English, business English, IELTS/TOEFL exam preparation, as well as practical vocational training in fields such as hotel tourism and business management. The school actively supports internships and job placement for students.


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