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Ziro Lee
First of all, I'm so grateful to Mia Park. In order to proceed with the PGWP visa, I visited Nest Immigration and consulted well. I often called and emailed a lot, but every time I thanked you for taking care of me carefully, receiving a complete call request, and explaining it in detail. And if they contact me every time I get in touch with you, I'm very confident that you can get a detailed explanation and advice. And immigration consulting. Thank you so much for not only receiving a PGWP but also for how to prepare for it in the future. Thank you so much that I can trust you in the future and have confidence that you can get my future visa with confidence in the near future.
Jay Lip
Thanks to CanNest, I got a green card today. Everything was easily done by offering customized counseling and suggesting the best way for each individual situation. I have experienced other relocation works, but Cannest is the best. No need to worry, I recommend you to choose cannest.
Through Nest Immigration, I got a working permit and I currently work in Vancouver. Thanks to you, I work well under a good boss. I am well aware of my condition and I am looking forward to applying for permanent residency soon.
Kuljeet Cheema
Best service, affordable price, work done as soon as possible,
Mark 신
Due to the progress of Lmia, I searched several agencies and there's no place like Cannest. If you have any progress or need to prepare something, they immediately instruct me how to do so I can be prepared well. I received a work permit in a month after applying for lmia. If you are a visa holder, I recommend nesting immigration !!
I got a student Visa from CanNest Immigration. so please be kind and careful. You work well meticulously. Thanks to you, I was able to get a visa in peace.
Since I first came with my student visa last year, I came through Cannest's nest immigrant, Mia. Before coming to Korea, I was able to contact them well, so I didn't have to worry about it. If I had any necessary documents, they guided and answered me with small questions. I recently had a consultation about my next visa, but I also remembered that they told me what was the best and most convenient way for me. I hope I can continue my visa with Mia without worrying about it. I hope other people besides me are well supported.
M. Park
Jenny Manager and Justin Justice took care of it. Even if I contact them in Korea, they reply right away! Thank you very much And they update me every progress right away It was so good! I have arrived in Canada now Thank you again!
Mike Kwak
With the introduction of an acquaintance who immigrated through Cannest, I was assigned to complete the immigration process without any mistake from the beginning to the end. The name "Cannest" came to my mind, and to suit its name, Mr. Justin and Mr. Jenny were all in charge of our work like family members. I strongly recommend!!
Ellie Song
I highly recommend CanNest Immigration Consulting! Justin was my agent who was very professional in handling my case and very patient. They always answered my email fast and responded quickly. If you are looking to apply for your PR or work permit, this is the place to definitely come and all the staffs are really friendly. (I highly recommend Cannest!!)
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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