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jaekyu Han
When I first came to Canada, I was introduced to a very strange shop elsewhere, and it was very hard for me to get a new visa and start again here. I met Mia and Jenny here and they contacted me often. I started my new job again after 1 year in Canada. Thank you!
I am writing a really honest review. I thought about immigration in Canada and I had a first consultation and comparison with other places. It's been a long time since I was a nesting immigrant, and I decided to go to the nest for a while, but I have seen a lot of nesting here and there, The company is well done and it is a really trustworthy place, so I decided to choose it here. I am very grateful to all of you for helping me to get the green card so well. If you have a problem with immigration to Canada, please do not hesitate to immigrate to the nest. Immigrants!
Choi Emma
While living in Vancouver, I received counseling from various places and conducted it, but after 6 years, I finally got a permanent resident card from the nest immigration. From the beginning to the end of the paperwork process, he always kindly and sincerely consults with me, and the results are good and I am very satisfied with the quick delivery, so I recommend it :)
sara saavedra
My boyfriend recommended me CanNest Canada Immigration Consulting 둥지이민컨설팅(캐나다), after he got his work permit thanks to them. I decided to star my immigration process with them and has been the best decision I have ever made. Justin is very professional and always answering all of my emails and calls. Justin helped me with everything, i was super nervous about my LMIA process but everything went well. Thank you CanNest, thanks Justin.
I received my PR card a week ago through CanNest! Justin worked on my EE CEC processing. I was never unhappy with the processing because he always responded quickly and shared with me updated processing. It took 180 days to approve, despite having requested additional documents twice. Thank you very much!!
I have processed my PR and permit throughout the team and it was amazing job done. Everything was done very organized with quick follow up with any updates. Thank you
Hayley Lee
Mia was in charge, but I was really grateful for the sponsor matching, and I was approved for the Lmia visa in a month even after the vacation period. I have chosen because it has a lot of experience and know-how.
David Valdez
Justin helped me and my wife through our sponsorship process and in only 6 months it has already been done, we are now just waiting for the interview for approval. He was incredibly helpful and did not miss a single tjing in our application, and even gave us suggestions that could increase our approval chances. I am incredibly happy with Cannest and would absolutely recommend anyone to their services! And best of all, out of all the places we looked at in Vancouver, they were absolutely the most affordable while keeping an outstanding service quality."
One of my friends recommend me and I had a great experience with CanNest Immigration. Justin was professional and super helpful. I asked lots of questions, he responded quickly and kept me updated with my application status. Highly recommend!
Hongyun Cho
We give 5 stars to nest immigration! The staff is also very kind and especially thank you to Immigration Attorney Justin Shim, who responded quickly whenever I had any questions. I have an urgent job even on weekends or at night, so whenever I ask questions, they always respond kindly, which relieved a lot of my anxiety and helped me a lot. If you are thinking about selecting a company due to visa or permanent residency, we highly recommend Nesty Immigration. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in the future. ^^
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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