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kai Bong
I lived in Canada for 10 years. At first, I proceeded my visa with the agency located in Coquitlam but they had a no responsibility, They never called me and let me know the situation what's going on. But Cannest called me every time and explaining all the situation for everything. Price is important but they provide an excellent service that made me feel comfortable.
Oh David
First of all, I would like to thank the nest immigrants. It was not easy to dare to challenge permanent residence at my ages, but I was very touched by how they worked with the customer. I was moved to Eebc. I received a ppr at last Please try to nest, you will never regret it Once again, I would like to thank all of you. Please go well ^^
Mike Kwak
With the introduction of an acquaintance who immigrated through Cannest, I was assigned to complete the immigration process without any mistake from the beginning to the end. The name "Cannest" came to my mind, and to suit its name, Mr. Justin and Mr. Jenny were all in charge of our work like family members. I strongly recommend!!
In 2018 I was working in Vancouver and tried LMIA attempts with other renowned agents, but after failing to introduce a company that was too lax and unproven, I went back to Korea. I was very thankful that I was very kind to you and I am really grateful to you for showing me the way to students who came to Vancouver with a goal more than any other place. Especially Mia sister was very good like her real one, so I was able to talk with her comfortably and I think she is a trustworthy agent for receiving support! I am going to proceed with LMIA as well as co-op in the future. Thank you all the time, thank you very much in the future !!!
From the LMIA to the work permit, the Cannest migration work went very smoothly. The staff was nice and especially, Jenny, the manager was kind and worked very well. I recommend it!!
Jooyoung Josh Kim
First, I have to admit that I tend to shop around a lot when choosing professionals. And among all the people that I've met, Jenny and Justin were the most up to date and knowledgeable in this field.They performed an in-depth analysis of my situation, and built custom tailored solutions to tackle down my problems efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Cannest for any immigration related cases."
Jaehong Woo
Cannest immigration is best solution for me. They are real professionals and very kind. I highly recommend this immigration consultant."
Jay H
This is the best visa consulting agency I have ever met. They tried to look my situation thoroughly and gave me right option to choose. They answered all my questions quickly and didn’t lie to me. I am very satisfied with their work. I have contacted many visa agencies before I make this decision. They all had different price range but this place offered me reasonable price as well. If you are struggling with visa problem, I would strongly recommend to contact Cannest!
Angelina Lee
Justin was super responsive to any questions or concerns that I had during the work permits application process. Thanks to his professionalism, everything went smoothly which allowed my partner and I to get our work permit faster than we expected. I appreciate Justin and the team’s effort for getting things done so effectively and efficiently
Yumin Lee
I would highly recommend consulting with Cannest!!! I've experienced best service ever! My agent was Mia who was very kind and thoughtful throughout the LMIA process. She was very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with my case. If you are looking for reliable immigration agency, this is the place where you can fully trust!
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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