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Lilly S
I highly recommend CanNest to you who are looking for professional and considerate agents. I really appreciate agents, Justin and Jenny. They are so amazing !
Jay H
This is the best visa consulting agency I have ever met. They tried to look my situation thoroughly and gave me right option to choose. They answered all my questions quickly and didn’t lie to me. I am very satisfied with their work. I have contacted many visa agencies before I make this decision. They all had different price range but this place offered me reasonable price as well. If you are struggling with visa problem, I would strongly recommend to contact Cannest!
Nest immigration found by acquaintance introduction ~ ^^ The acquaintance said that the counselor will be there because the counselor will find it there. nice to be able to easily adapt to the conscience - I'm so grateful to you for the unfamiliar environment Lotta is a big decision and concerns've been a great help in determining letting you know so well ~ ^^
Jisu Choi
My long journey for immigration was finally done as I landed at the border a couple of days ago. I have done my work permit and PR with CanNest. Even though the whole process has not been easy, CanNest helped me to finish it successfully. If I had any questions and concerns, they gave me feedback by email and phone calls right away. I trusted them in the sense that their work were fast and accurate manner. They are quite reliable and professional.
Jooyoung Josh Kim
First, I have to admit that I tend to shop around a lot when choosing professionals. And among all the people that I've met, Jenny and Justin were the most up to date and knowledgeable in this field.They performed an in-depth analysis of my situation, and built custom tailored solutions to tackle down my problems efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Cannest for any immigration related cases."
Through Nest Immigration, I got a working permit and I currently work in Vancouver. Thanks to you, I work well under a good boss. I am well aware of my condition and I am looking forward to applying for permanent residency soon.
캐나다 알렉스
Last week, I received my green card with EEBC. It was a tricky case of preparing a green card with a co-op visa (I have no Canadian experience, and I have a short visa), but I was able to proceed with my green card as you told me at the first consultation. There was no delay as you carefully informed us of what you need to prepare for each step, including state approval, visa extension, physical examination, and criminal records. In addition, if I asked about the progress or inquiries by e-mail, I was able to respond really quickly and relieve my impatience. Looking at the mail box, the e-mails exchanged and received while preparing for a green card are tremendous. Thank you for helping me immigrate.
Mott Jason
BEST OF THE BEST!! Not only Services, but also people. They are very PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY. I have applied LMIA with Work Permit on Mar 2018 and applied PR On Mar 2019. All applications was submitted by CanNest and have received approved LMIA, Work Permit as well as PR. Absolutely, there was no issue or complaint as all. 100% satisfaction!!
Eunji Oh
First of all the staff are very friendly! When I contacted them by katok or e-mail, they answered quickly every time. they explained me very kindly with my all questions in detail. If you are worried about LMIA or visa issues, please visit Cannest!
Ayumi Sasada
Especially Justin is awesome and really supportive. He worked on my requests promptly whenever I need. That's why I was able to fully trust him!! Highy recommend!! Thank you for your support:)
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Immigration News
from Cannest
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